Moving Day!

Moving Day 2Many young children in last years class experienced a move. It caused Sara and I to think about our curriculum and how we could best support these children during and following this major transition.

Three year-old young children typically are all about the materials and adults at school.  Four year-olds are often all about their friendships.  “Your Three Year- old” & “Your Four Year-Old” both by Louise Bates Ames & Francis Ilg  (These are available to borrow from our Parenting Library Shelves at RCNS.)

Moving Day 1“Moving Day” by Stan and Jan Berenstein does an exceptional job of addressing little bears need to make new friends in his new neighborhood.

“A House is a House for Me” is a humorous, rhyming book that puts a new perspective on the meaning of the word house  and can initiate conversations about details of new and old homes.


Having available 2 doll houses so a child can reenact the move, can also be beneficial to a smooth transition. Even if the doll houses are shoe boxes taped together with masking tape with holes for doors and windows.

Good luck with your move!

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