Summer Time Crazy!

Just when I feel I’ve transitioned to my summer schedule, something interrupts it, like new kittens or a trip to my parents house for the weekend.  My children, like most young children, don’t transition easily.

Summer Time CrazyAt RCNS Sara and I plan our morning to have as few transitions as possible, while keeping children challenged, active and learning! One of the ways we do this is with an open snack. Giving children a choice of when to eat, within activity time, gives them more time to develop complex pretend scenarios, make a detailed drawing at the writing center or build a zoo in the block area without interruption.

When Sara and I transition, we give a five minute warning and we sing! Here is a great book that combines singing, humor and time! “Hickory Dickory Dock” by Keith Baker.

I hope you enjoy it!   Rebecca

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