“Getting to Know You…” at RCNS

Every year in late August I schedule home visits for children who are new to the school or who have a new home or who would just enjoy a visit from their teacher. 

Getting toWe call these Home Visits. These visits are brief and simple, yet provide the basis for a strong relationship between teacher and child.  A child is most comfortable in their own environment and most likely to express ideas and experiences when talking to a teacher one-on-one.

These visit give me a myriad of information about a child, their siblings, their pets, the color of their room and their interests. This information is vital  when I’m   helping a child make a connection with another child in the classroom or especially when planning our curriculum and themes. Children’s interests guide our curriculum and we have found that learning goes much further when based on an existing interest and a relationship of trust.

I look forward to getting to know your child and  your family.

So schedule your home visit today!


A Journal Article from “Young Children” (July, 2013 p. 70)  entitled ” Greater Than Great” A Teacher’s Home Visit Changes a Young Child’s Life said

” It is crucial for teachers and families to develop trust, understand children’s  home experiences, and build on those experiences in the classroom.”

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