How Does Your Child’s Engine Run?

At RCNS we help children learn how to “self regulate”. The first step to self regulation is awareness of your own body.

How does your engine run

We took the idea of using an engine as an analogy for the body from “How Does Your Engine Run” by Mary Sue Williams & Sherry Shellenburger. After doing the “Hokey Pokey” or running on the playground, we have children put their hand over their heart. We then take note of how else their bodies are different than when they are at rest, like when they read a book.

We then give the children strategies to help slow down their engines or speed them up. Children are constantly in situations of needing to regulate their actions. The quiet sign at the library. The early morning swim lessons.

Parents also can benefit from these reminders to check in with your own bodies needs and speeds. Sometimes we loose sight of are own body signals because we are so busy trying to support our children in regulating theirs!
Here is the link if you want to learn more. Rebecca

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