Fall is for the Senses at RCNS

nature walkThe Rhinebeck Reformed Church Graveyard is a beautiful place for a nature walk.

The children run from tree to tree watching the leaves spiral down while hearing the crunch of them under foot. Pinecones are plentiful here, they feel rough, bumpy and sticky and oh, what a wonderful smell!  Often children will see late wildflowers, caterpillars, puff balls, crooked sticks and acorns.


leaf man

The first  and most important skill of a good scientist is observation.  We enhance children’s observation skills by looking closely and carefully at all the signs of fall around us. Collecting fall treasures and putting them in a lunch size paper bag is how we begin  making a nature collage. The children then sort, identify and arrange them on cardboard, where they are glued to preserve the design.


If you need more inspiration, read “Leaf Man” by Lois Ehlert, then go out and fill your senses with fall!


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