Rhinebeck COMMUNITY Nursery School

largeAt RCNS we are an integral part of The Rhinebeck Community. We adventure out on field trips to the Rhinebeck Post Office, The Rhinebeck Fire Department, Wonderland  Pumpkin Farm, Village Pizza and Montgomery Place Orchard, to name a few. We participate in The Rhinebeck Reformed Church’s Food Pantry and host an annual Toy and Clothing Sale that serves community members by making available clean, quality toys, books, furniture and clothing for young children, at bargain prices.

This year we have expanded our community participation even more by joining The Rhinebeck Science Foundation for their annual Science Festival, called the Discovery Festival.

The Rhinebeck Science Foundation seeks to enhance the Rhinebeck Central School District’s curriculum for grades K-12 in the areas of Science, Math and Technology. (See the website for full mission statement)

Save the Date: Saturday, November 16th

This year’s theme is The Science of Design. For more information go to


RCNS will be sponsoring an activity for Preschool Children at this exciting, educational festival. Think about the science behind design, in the world of young children, as you anticipate this community event.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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