Why we sing at RCNS

snowpeople bulletin Board

At RCNS we sing for many reasons. Singing is great to teach children rhythm, beat, melody, high and low, and timing, slow and fast.

Studies show experience in music helps the brain with mathematical concepts as  music is based on math. Song charts are one of the ways we introduce print. Repetitive chorus’ and first lines, reinforce print predictability and sound to letter association.

We sing for transitions and  to get everyones attention in a group. Singing  coordinates our actions so we are all working toward the same goal, be it clean up time, walking to the playground or coming to first circle.

But most importantly, we sing for the humor and enjoyment of it. Frequently the children  and I make up new verses to traditional songs, tailoring them to our interests, themes and personalities.

That is why we sing at RCNS!

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