“The Jolly Postman and Other Peoples Letters”: Emergent Literacy at RCNS

The Jolly Postman and Other Peoples LetersI discovered this book by Alan and Janet Ahlberg, while doing my student teaching in a Kindergarten classroom in Lincoln, England. Some books can be read over and over and children learn something new with each reading. This is that kind of book. Our MWF class read this book when we studied Nursery Rhymes.  The letters the postman delivers are directed to prominent fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters and reference particular stories.


In February, when we explored the theme of Post Office, we read it again and look at it from the perspective of the postal carrier instead of from the perspective of the recipients.  This story has a letter in an envelope on every second page that can be taken out and read. It models greetings, the body of a letter and closings. From post card to air mail, it introduces address formation, stamps and their values and delivery methods.

At RCNS we are lucky to be within walking distance of the Rhinebeck Post Office. We take full advantage of this and walk there to mail letters to the children’s homes and have a tour of the Lobby and Mailbox areas. This book is a wealth of knowledge and information and inspires children to correspond through the mail.

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